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Fall 2009 Schedule

This is a list of shows I will be blogging about for the Fall 2009 drama season (October – December). Of course I’ll be blogging about other dramas if I watch them by chance, but these shows are the ones that I plan on watching.

guestsofroomno0 The Guests of Room no. 0
Fridays, 1:05am JST / Thursdays, 12:05pm EST
Premiere: October 23rd

The start of FujiTV’s 15 Minute Friday Night Drama schedule slot, The Guests of Room no. 0 is an all Johnny’s studded cast in a drama styled much simular to Engimono and Engimono Gekidan drama series. Yokoyama Yuu plays as the hotel owner as well as storyteller as a Johnny spends a night in the strange Room no. 0


mygirlMy Girl
TV Asahi
Fridays, 11pm JST / Thursdays, 10am EST
Premiere: October 9th

Aiba Masaki stars in this story about a single man now thrust into a situation where his old lover has died and left him with a 5 year old girl that happens to be his own child. Now he must accommodate his once single life around this young girl that is his  daughter.


romes-loljp Romes ~Airport Security System~
Thursdays, 8pm / Wednesdays, 7am EST
Premiere: October 15th

Ohkura Tadayoshi plays a computer genius leading a security team to maintain the state of the art airport security system named ” ROMES ” as they battle terrorist and criminals that threaten the airport. Yasuda Shota plays one of his co-workers that has more of a ” my pace ” attitude in life.

I’ll try my best in blogging these dramas and hopefully each one of them will be amazing enough to keep my interested. I have high hopes this season!



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