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About this Blog

lol, japan

I personally love blogging and expressing myself, so lol, japan was started back in 2005 on my personal server as just an outlet where I wrote about anything and everything. 2006 was when I moved the blog over to wordpress and began to focus more on Japanese pop culture as a whole than anime and manga. Unfortunately, due to many factors — the big one being a lack of interest, lol japan was rarely updated. Still even today I can’t guarantee that I will be on top of blogging but I hope that I will continue to have the drive to still keep doing it.

This blog’s main characteristic is the very brash and blunt presentation of my views on the topics I talk about, especially my reviews. It’s just who I am.

about me

I’m a college student in my early 20s majoring in Web Programming and Development at Full Sail University. I’ve been into Japanese pop culture since I was a little girl. I remember when SPEED broke up and Ayumi Hamasaki released LOVEppears if that gives you an idea of how way back I go. For cultural day in the second grade my mom stuck me in her kimono and sent me to school with a bowl of rice. Its my culture and its my hobby. I like to blog about it.


One Response to “About this Blog”

  1. Hana said

    HEYS!!! just wanna say that ur blog is really good!!! i love the info on anything n everything Japanese!! lol…anw…im from Singapore…

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